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The new rules which will be implemented in the upcoming IPL 2022 for the first time

BCCI has announced a fresh set of things that will be in picture IPL 2022

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As IPL 2022 is approaching, BCCI has announced a set of new rules to be implemented in the upcoming 15th edition of the tournament. While some of the rules are influenced by the changes made by MCC, some others have been put in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are the new rules that have been announced by BCCI for IPL 2022 –

COVID rescheduling

If at any stage, there is a COVID outbreak in a certain team and the team is unable to have the services of at least 12 players for the game, then the game might be postponed. If postponing of the game isn’t possible, then the IPL technical committee will decide what should be the final decision.


Caught dismissals

Recently, the MCC announced that after every caught dismissal, the new batsman will be on strike, irrespective of the fact that the two batsmen before the dismissal crossed each other or not while the ball was in the air.

BCCI will implement this new rule change by the MCC from the upcoming edition of the IPL, where the new batsman will always take strike unless the dismissal takes place off the last ball of the over.



BCCI has decided that every team will have two reviews available to them in each innings during the upcoming IPL. Till the last season, teams only had one review available to them per innings, but the number has now been increased to two to ensure that all the correct decisions are made.

Super Overrule

If during the playoffs, a situation arises where the super over can’t take place due to some reason or the result can’t be decided even after subsequent super overs, the final result of that game will then be based on the positions of the teams in the points’ table at the end of the league stage.


Whichever team will have the higher position in the points’ table in the league stage will qualify further, if super over during a playoff game can’t be decided or can’t take place.



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