“BCCI will deal with the matter appropriately,” says BCCI president Sourav Ganguly after Virat Kohli’s comments

Virat Kohli looked displeased with the BCCI in the press conference he addressed yesterday

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BCCI president Sourav Ganguly has made it clear that he won’t be making any further comments after what has been said by the Indian test captain Virat Kohli before his flight to South Africa, where he said the board didn’t ask him to continue as T20I captain and they called his resignation a “progressive” step.

Kohli’s statement raised many eyebrows because BCCI president had said something opposite only a few days ago. The whole BCCI hierarchy is reportedly miffed with Kohli speaking publicly against the top brass of the board in a press conference which was organised by the board itself.

It was understood yesterday that BCCI was planning to retaliate against Kohli’s statements, but the plan was dropped later as the board decided not to do anything which might affect the morale of the players on South Africa tour.


If BCCI had released a statement against their own captain while the captain is on national duty, it would have turned this into an unprecedented situation and might have caused dire consequences. The board has decided to wait and when BCCI president was approached by the reporters today, he just said, “we will deal with it”.

BCCI president insists the board will deal with the matter “appropriately”

Ganguly was repeatedly asked by the reporters to at least express his opinion on the whole issue, but he kept insisting that he would not say anything personally and whatever has to be said will be said by the BCCI in an official release. Times Now reported that Ganguly has asked the media to leave the issue to the BCCI as they will resolve it in their own way and will resolve it “appropriately”.



With the bigwigs of the board angry at the moment, the onus is on Virat Kohli to fetch some good results on South Africa tour. A disastrous South Africa tour might cost Kohli big, as an already annoyed board might initiate some sort of action on his return from the tour.



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