Three Times Indians Dominated Against Stuart Broad In International Cricket

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Life has never been kind to Stuart Broad whenever he has been up against the Indians. From being a youngster to riling up Sourav Ganguly to being an experienced campaigner, trying to skittle Indians out in the all-important Test at Edgbaston, he has always been faced with severe heat from the Indians.

In the wake of one such pouring afternoon alongside the English rains it also poured boundaries and sixes, Jasprit Bumrah rubbed salt to Broad’s woes of being whacked left, right, and center by the Indians.

We would take a look at three incidents where Stuart Broad was shown his rightful place when he dared to be overtly adventurous against the Indians. May it be the raucous shores of Durban or may it be the dampened tracks of England, here is how Indians rained upon Broad’s ambitious parade.

#1 Sourav Ganguly shuts up Stuart Broad at the Oval in 2007

Sourav and Sachin opened the innings for India and after the latter failed to score off the first two balls, he would rotate the strike to allow Sourav to face Broady. Ganguly would open his innings with a drive through the covers, one of the signature strokes that defined the mighty frame of the God of Offside.


However, the following two deliveries were dot balls from Broad that evidently gave him the confidence to sledge Sourav Ganguly. The former Indian captain walked a few paces towards Broady and uttered a few words that on an official record is still to be deciphered. However, the following over from Broad would witness Sourav hammering him for a colossal strike, launched beyond the tangible borders of the playing field.

#2 Yuvraj Singh decides to go boom boom boom against Stuart Broad in response to Flinny’s tomfoolery

You do not mess with Yuvraj. I repeat you do not mess with Yuvraj. The hard-hitting Indian southpaw was just irked up by Andrew Flintoff ahead of the penultimate over in India’s T20 World Cup contest against England.

The man who has wrecked England in Lord’s was not taking any moonshine a million miles away from the very home of the English. The following over was handed to Broad and Yuvraj

dispatched him beyond the ropes a staggering 6 times from all the 6 deliveries that he faced. Sadly, the wrath against someone else left some other’s evening spoiled.

#3 Jasprit Bumrah wanted to have some fun at the expense of Stuart Broad

Bumrah just wanted to have some fun and it is always good to witness your number ten pulling the strings of destruction against one of the world’s best. From controlled pulls to wild slashes, it was all there right at our fingertips.

Add to that a pint of extra bounce from Broad and the ball would whizz over a leaping Billings, racing away to the ropes. Just before Bumrah could secure that telling blow of crossing the 36-run threshold, Broad would produce a yorker to be reprieved in the end. However, till then the damage was already done and by a proverbial mile.


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