“Call it run out, not mankading,” Son of Vinoo Mankad raises objection to BCCI for using his father’s name

Vinoo Mankad had run Bill Brown out while he was out of his crease at non-striker's end in Australia in 1948

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Rahul Mankad, one of the sons of late Vinoo Mankad, has raised strong objection over the fact that one of the social media posts by the BCCI has referred a runout, which was executed at the non-striker’s end by a bowler in a domestic women’s game while the batter was backing up too much, as “mankading” rather than simply “run out”.

In 2017, ICC had made it clear that any run out-executed at the non-striker’s end with the batter backing up too much would be referred to simply as a runout and not as mankading, but the social media post by BCCI still referred to it as mankading which didn’t please son of Vinoo Mankad at all.

Vinoo Mankad was the first player to run a non-striker out for backing up too much before the ball being delivered


Mankading is a term which has been used since 1948 when a former Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad had run out an Australian player named Bill Brown at the non-striker end.

It was the first dismissal of its kind because it was executed while the batsman was actually not in the process of taking a run, but he was getting out of the crease at the non-striker’s end before the bowler releasing the ball and in all technicality, it was still a valid dismissal, although not a common one.

Since it was a unique dismissal and was executed for the first time by Vinoo Mankad, it started being referred as “mankading”. The former Indian great Sunil Gavaskar had also raised objection over it a few years back saying if the dismissal indeed had to be named after someone, it had to be named after Bill Brown and should have been called “browned”, rather than “mankaded”.


In his email to the BCCI, the son of Vinoo Mankad has now demanded to the BCCI that the social media post referring the run out at the non-striker’s end as “mankading” must be taken down with immediate effect. He is yet to receive BCCI’s response on it.



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